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A calm, easy going, blind, male fairy, well skilled in sword play and magic. Having no sight is both a blessing and a curse for him.  His blindness keeps him from being deceived by appearances, making him almost completely immune to illusions and sneak attacks, but it also makes him very sincere and brutally honest.  Unfortunately this honesty is often confused for being rude or mean, making him somewhat socially isolated.  With nothing better to do and no one to talk to, he often trains and practices his swordplay and magical arts for hours on end. Over the years Alvar has become a true master swordsman, slaying monsters and dueling others of every race who come to challenge him.

One day, while training by the Jewel river, Alvar heard someone crying for help near the bank.  He discovered a young mermaid who had been captured in a human fishing net, and was being hauled off to their base of operations.  Outnumbered, Alvar fought a great battle to rescue the mermaid, who turned out to be Anko, still young and not yet fully grown.  The two became good friends.  Being very grateful for his help Anko gave him the ring pendent that he constantly wears.  Subeta seems extremely intrigued by it and has tried several times to take it for further examination but Alvar has angrily brushed her aside each time.



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