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Banshees are a species of harpies that seem to have branched off from all other harpy species a long time ago.  Unlike their birdlike cousins they are more related to bats, with long, pointy bat ears on top of their head, large webbed bat wings, and feet with toes bending the other way to allow them to hang upside down when sleeping in trees or caves.  They are usually around 65-75 feet tall with tan or dark brown skin, ears, and wings.  While they love the darkness of Evernight forest, banshees sometimes dwell outside of it, and some rare specimens have been seen as far away as the Ascarlin mountains. Much like normal bats, banshees have poor eyesight and use a sort of sonar to help them find their way and locate prey in darkness.  They constantly emit little clicking sounds that are known to damage nearby electronic machinery. Their name come from their main weapon : a powerful sonic wave that can be focused at prey, paralyzing it for a short amount of time, just long enough for the banshee to swoop down and grab it. The method is not unlike that used by crystal mermaids, albeit less damaging for organisms, and much more devastating against electronic devices. Banshees are very social creatures and rarely live alone.  All of them know each other and they usually gather in large numbers in huge caves or giant trees.  They don't put nearly as many threats and insults into their speech as do other harpy species, which tends to give them a nicer reputation among other races.

  • Credits goes to Melancholy-Melody13 for the Banshees idea.
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