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Predation Tier:

  • Safe: Just doesn't see humanoids as a food source.
  • Unwilling: Needs a good reason to eat humanoids. Would usually eat other available food first.
  • Reluctant: On the line. Preference is not to eat humanoids but does have a stomach to fill...
  • Opportunistic: Tends to see humanoids as a delicious treat before a person.
  • Specialized: Humanoids make up a solid part of a balanced diet. You're in deep troubles if you're in their food category.
  • Highly Specialized: Goes out of way to hunt humanoids before other available food.

The color of a character's predation tier shows what that means for humans. Black and green are what you'd hope to encounter if you're human, while your danger rises significantly as you get into orange and red.

  • Credits to Fish for the Predation tier idea.

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