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Deerataurs are a rare species of centaurs found mostly in the misty glade and other magic rich zones.  They are essentially centaurs with huge leafy antlers and brown or greenish skin. They are very close to nature and plants, not unlike unlike dryads and posses a strong weather-based magic. They can bring storms with them, leave a thick fog in their wake or make rain fall which makes them very appreciated by plants in general. They also possess the ability to draw the ambient magic radiating from the soil in order to accelerate by tenfolds the growth of plants there. A single Deerataur could plant a whole forest in a matter of weeks if the area is magic-rich enough. Deerataurs usually get along very well with dryads and are often linked to them.

Deerataurs are less voracious than centaurs, as their horn use a sort of photosynthesis which reduces their need to feed in the normal sense of the word. However, just because they need to eat less doesn't make them any safer to be around. Deerataurs are known to be very wild creatures, hostile to whoever they see as intruders and will most likely attack and devour any adventurers they find given the chance. Their special stomach can drain magic, and their digestion is magically enhanced, making the process a lot faster and less disabling for them than it is for normal centaurs.

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