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Gorgons are an uncommon breed of human-sized nagas. They mostly live in rocky deserts or in ruins, where they can keep a proximity with mineral surfaces. They possess snakelike eyes with slitted pupils, and sharp fangs. Gorgons are mostly known for having living snakes for hair, though different theories are circulating about this trait. Some scientists believe that these snakes are actually just organic tissues made to look like snakes, while others consider them to be some kind of symbiote which attaches itself to the naga's head early on. Whatever the truth is, these snakes have fangs and they definitely can bite. The other trait that makes Gorgons famous is their petryfying gaze, though it tends to be greatly exaggerated. A Gorgon can indeed turn a human-sized creature into a statue, but this is rarely a permanent effect and not lethal, unless the statue is broken..

Ironically, one little known ability of the gorgons is their most powerful one : they are fortune-tellers of sorts. Every gorgon has great natural skills in divination magic, while allow them to see things in the future. Though it's not set in stone, so to speak, they can see a multitude of futures for one person, depending on what choices they take. They rarely offer this service for free though, in view of how much energy it saps from them. They most likely will ask for some rare items in exchange, as they love collecting them. Overall Gorgons are a rather peaceful and solitary race, and not that dangerous to humans, unless you do something stupid of course.

  • Credits to Melancholy-Melody13 for writting the description of Gorgons.