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These harpies can only be found in the Lamina mountains and are one of the smaller species of giant harpies in Felarya, being only about 70 feet tall.  Their appearance is similar to normal harpies, except that their feathers and human hair are usually jet black or dark brown in color, and their claws are bright red and extremely sharp. Their human skin tends towards darker tones than other harpies. Lamina harpies are excellent fliers, and very few other species can match their speed, agility, and grace when it comes to flight. Their small and lithe bodies allow them to perform aerial acrobatic maneuvers with the utmost of ease. Lamina harpies, however, are one of the more cocky and arrogant species of harpies, and they have a large amount of pride in their aerial abilities. They are fearsome fighters and the sharpness of their claws, combined with their speed, makes them incredibly dangerous. They usually travel in groups of four, and when in battle, they perform high-speed strikes at near blinding speeds, fast enough that most of the time their opponents can't keep up with their movements. Lamina harpies are very social creatures and like to have an audience. They will even do little aerial shows for adventurers before they swoop down to gobble them up.

While they do eat humanoids, they primarily eat the fruits that grow on the shrubs at the higher altitudes of Lamina. These fruits provide tons of energy and are very healthy as well. In fact, some Lamina harpies enjoy these fruits even more than they enjoy a nice little human.  When the storm season comes, they move down to lower altitudes and switch their diet from fruit to the animals in the region.  Humans are more prone to being eaten when the storm season comes.

  • Credits goes to Daimo for the Lamina harpies idea.
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