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Manda Kugi is a human woman in her late twenties who visits Felarya on a regular basis for her work. Her emerald eyes are warm, bright and intelligent, her young, slim, healthy body shapely in just the right places, her wide, pretty mouth guarded by glossy pink lips that can brighten into the most adorable smile. She has light blond hair, and dresses neatly. She is a generally friendly girl, and quick-minded even when stressed. She is able to keep a very cool head in the face of danger – a quality which is vital to her in her line of work. Manda is a pilot for Felarya Express, and only recently became employed by the company. She is currently Pal Sebrit’s pilot and vice-captain. Her predecessor, a girl called Lindsy, was swallowed alive by a fairy during a flight through Felarya, an ominous reminder of the danger of her job...

==Story featuring Manda Kugi==
* "Story 12": her wild journey through Felarya.

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