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Pit nagas have demonic blood, and thus they sport various demonic features such as horns, spiked golden scales, and sometimes red skin. It's not uncommon for some specimens to have additional pairs of arms as well. Pit nagas usually live deep underground and possess perfect night vision. Like one would figure, they are very friendly with demons in general and succubi, especially the silver ones. It's common for a pit naga to have a pact with a succubus so that they can summon each other if needed. Pit nagas are formidable warriors. Unlike other nagas, they don't use their tail very much, instead preferring bladed weapons like sabers.  Their snake-like reflexes and speed combined with their great strength make for a deadly combination.  Moreover, their dark blue blood has a very strange and rare property of "pain reflection". In short, if you draw the blood of a pit naga, you will suffer the exact same pain as it suffers, including dying, if you kill the naga. Obviously, confronting them is a job much more suited to an elemental spellcaster than a swordsman. Lightning-based magic seems to work particularily well against them. Pit nagas on Felarya very rarely come to surface, unless they are really starving, and even then, they would usually just use their pact with a succubi to be transported to their location and hunt together. Pit nagas are dreaded by elementals and ghosts for their natural ability to see and feed on wandering spirits.