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Ramtov Telekline is a battlemage member of the Isolon fist, the elite unit of the Magiocrats' guards. He appears as a man in his late twenties, with messy, short black hair, a short beard and a long ponytail. He often wears a long white robe with amples sleeves. Telekline has a hot-headed temperament and a big mouth, taking decisions on instincts, loudly telling people exactly how he thinks, and occasionnaly seeking a good old brawl. He's grouchy, stubborn, sometimes arrogant and cocky. He is also a bit of a pervert, having few qualms about peeking on young beautiful ladies taking their bath.

He is teamed with the neko Thas Voidfingers. The two appear to get along surprisingly well, despite having totally opposite personnalities. Their teamwork is solid and very efficient. Telekline possesses a natural magic based on a telekinesis of sorts. It allows him to interract from a distance with things and objects, as naturally as if they were in his hand, by making the same gestures in the air; for example grabbing the air, to actually grab a tree branch several dozen feet aways. It also multiplies his strength, allowing him to carry a rock of his size, or giving a small punch to a giant naga. It works wonders when mixed with Voidfingers' own ability. There are some limitations however, and the greater the distance is, the more difficult the interraction becomes.

Telekline used to be a big admirer of his leader, Lady Lesona, before she betrayed him and his squad, leading them to their current situation, lost right in the middle of the jungle. It shook Telekline to the core and raised some difficult questions, forcing him to examine the values he had taken for granted until now.



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